Interview w/ Weight Watchers about Lunch Coolers

See below for excerpts of an interview that one of our sales reps did for Weight Watchers!

Sofia R. has a cool job. As the manager at (designer of trendy and useful coolers) she tests new and unique ways to put food on ice, and while minding her PointsPlus values, she brings a cooler everywhere she goes.

"I can't imagine how anyone lives without a cooler," Sofia said. "I pack mine right, and eat great while my friends indulge in some way-over-my-PointsPlus target(albeit sometimes delicious) fast food." How she does it: Sofia’s Tips:

Coolers packing tips:

Keep it cold. Take food straight from fridge to cooler

If the cooler is half full, put some ice in a baggie or use frozen water bottles to fill it up. “Space allows air to circulate which will not keep your food as fresh.”

“Loose ice is damaging to soft side coolers; go with plastic or use ice packs.”

Cold air travels down, so place beverages in the cooler first and what should not be frozen on top.

Sun block: Don't stash your cooler in the sun, or in a hot car

Packed correctly, beverages should stay cold for two to eight hours depending on how you pack and how much ice you use. Food, not so long.

A cooler is not meant to re-chill food that has remained at a temperature of 40°F or above for one hour or more. Only food that has remained at safe temperatures should be placed back into the cooler.

Fill ‘er up: A full cooler will maintain temperatures longer than a half-empty cooler.

Coolers can be used for cooling AND keeping foods warm. Use warming gel packs and stuff kitchen towels around dishes.

There is an art to packing: put the hard, cold stuff on the bottom, add ice, then the squashable stuff at the top. Keep Your Cooler insulated coolers can be used for just that. By packing your own food, drinks and snacks you will save money and eat healthier.

Interview w/ Weight Watchers about Lunch Coolers

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