Insulated Shopping Tote Bags

A convenient and stylish way to cool with our premium selection of insulated cooler tote bags! We have a great selection of classy shopping bags and totes.

You've heard the news, markets will start charging for use of their bags.

These insulated soft cooler tote bags will keep your foods/drinks cool for hours, while being stylish at the same time! A must have accessory if you are going to the beach, or the farmers market, grocery shopping and more! The smaller totes are ideal for lunch.

Our best selling tote is the River Bag. This bag is an ideal
freezer tote bag. It's extra big and carries a lot of groceries. Vinyl type material on the outside is extra easy to clean. And also a favorite to take to the river (thus the name). Whilst sailing or boating, the vinyl outside material prevents water leaking into the bag.

Our insulated totes are ideal for the food industry too.

They are very fashionable and can double as a day bag. Most of the bags are made of a canvas type material and they are ideal as everyday cooler bags.

All of these wonderful stylish bags are insulated. Great as beverage/food coolers or use them as a trendy food shopping bag!

Note: Please do not put loose ice into these soft sided coolers. Click here for tips on the best way to pack your insulated bags

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Keep Your Cooler is your number 1 destination for the best selection of insulated cooler bags for every season. For work, travel, play, a trip to the market, keep it cool, keep it warm there is an insulated bag for you. We have some of the most innovative cooler bags that are soft-sided and incredibly stylish.