Ice Chest Coolers - Frequently Asked Questions

Ice packs and loose ice.

Can I buy just one cooler or do I have to buy in volume?.

There's a logo/writing on some of the coolers. Do they come that way?

I would like to buy a couple of coolers and have them customized with my logo/initials?

Do your coolers have a warranty?

I don't know how many ice-paks to use?

Can I put my cooler in the freezer? Or the dishwasher/washing machine?

Can I put my cooler is the dishwasher/washing machine?

Coolers do not work...

Why do you suggest NOT putting loose ice into the cooler? What ice packs should I use?
The reason for this is simple, loose ice melts faster and makes the
soft sided cooler bags. heavy, thus misshaping it over time. Also, the sharp edges may puncture holes and cause leaks in the soft insulation. Ice packs are available in many different sizes and styles. Find them here. Under each description of cooler bags, you will find a suggestion at the bottom as to which size ice pack will fit each bag.

Can I buy one cooler or do I have to buy in volume?
The majority of coolers are available as single items. The items in promotional/volume section have a minimum quantity required for purchase. This will be noted on the page.

There is logo/writing on some of the coolers? Do they come that way?
No, all coolers are blank - meaning that the coolers do not have any logos/printing on them unless you request them. Min qty req.(see below)

I would like to order a couple of coolers and have them imprinted with my logo.
We only customize (screen print/embroider, etc) a certain quantity. Usually this is noted on the page. To order imprinted products , please email us at with your request. We will get back to you with a quote within 24 hrs. Click here for more info on customizing/imprinting coolers

Do the coolers have a warranty?
All products come with a warranty, some with a lifetime warranty others with a 1 year or 90 day warranty. All warranty information is available under the "Warranty Info" tab on each page. If you have a problem with one of your coolers, please email us and we will direct you to the manufacturer.

I don't know how many ice-packs to buy?
It really depends on how many you want to purchase. The smaller ice-packs are ideal for the small lunch boxes and small collapsible coolers. The medium gel packs work well with the medium sized lunch packs and collapsible coolers (you may need a couple). The large & extra large packs are ideal for the larger collapsible/rolling coolers. You can mix them up to make sure all the spaces are filled or alternatively you can always fill in the spaces with a zip lock bag filled with ice.

Can I put my cooler in the freezer? Or the dishwasher/washing machine?
NEVER put your cooler in the freezer or dishwasher. This will crack the insulation and ruin the cooler. Check out this link to see how to clean your cooler. Tips on Packing your cooler.

Size and capacity of the coolers.
All sizes are noted below the coolers (sizes are approximates, meaning they may be 1/2" either way). All sizes are of the OUTSIDE of the bag. Can capacity will give you an idea of the size of the interior.

If you have something that needs to fit into one of the coolers, measure the item then match that to the cooler size and that will give you an idea. Also, please note: usually we use our own item codes and names to differentiate one item from another. The item numbers will be the same, the letters may differ. This does not mean you have received the wrong product. If the numbers match up, the correct product was shipped

These coolers are designed to hold the can capacity's stated. Our design team test's all of these claims before they are published. All of our coolers are tested using a standard size soda can.

The ice coolers do not work - does not stay cool/warm - what can I do? Like diets, if done properly - it will work. ALL cooler bags "work". It's all about the way you pack. IF used properly the bags WILL keep foods cold OR warm as stated. Read our tips on how to do this.

NOTE: All coolers have been tested for insulation of food and drinks only. We do not test these coolers for medical purposes, such as carrying medicine or other items. Please contact your medical professional to request information as to how to keep your medicine (or other) at the proper temperature.

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Ice Chest Coolers - Frequently Asked Questions

Our soft sided ice chests coolers are ideal for every day life. Travel, lunch, hiking, farmer's market, shopping, going on vacation - you name it, perfect insulated bags for every occasion! Check out our tips for packing and keep your foods and/or drinks cool for hours!