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Large Reusable Gel Ice/Hot Packs (2 pack)

Item #: ICE-LRG
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This large ice/hot pack is ideal for the collapsible coolers or larger coolers.

These gel packs can be heated OR frozen.

Simply freeze and place on top of pre-chilled foods. These are reusable gel ice packs. These ice packs freeze solid.

For heating instructions: Instruction for heating are on every pack - however we will include detailed instructions with every ice pack order. More instructions can be found under the FAQ (above) tag.

Note: Ice packs are sold as shown with the Keep Your Cooler logo. Ice packs come in color blue.

Ice packs freeze solid.

Please note there are NO returns on ice-packs.

(Picture not actual size).

Approx Size: 8" x 10"
Which ice-pack should I use with which cooler?
Please find more info on the product page. Click on the cooler that you are interested in and at the bottom of the description you will find a "suggested ice pack size". Also, the best way to determine which ice packs will fit is to check the size of the cooler then the size of the ice-pack.

Can these ice-paks be heated as well as frozen?
Yes, these ice-paks may be heated OR frozen. Please follow instructions carefully when heating these ice-paks. Ice packs freeze solid.

How long will the gel ice pack stay frozen?
The ice pack contains a special gel formula that will stay frozen for approximately 4 times longer than ice. Of course, the freeze time depends on the ambient temperature and the amount of insulation around the pack. In very warm climates you will get a shorter freeze time than in cooler temperatures. If you need a very long freeze time we suggest that you use 2 or more ice packs and pack cooler well.

How long will the gel hot packs stay warm?
Again this depends on how the cooler is packed and how many packs are used (see hoe to pack cooler section for great tips!). These packs should stay warm from 2-4 hrs. Longer for the larger packs.

Are these ice-paks non-toxic?
Yes, all ice-paks are non-toxic. All ice-paks are filled with a blue or clear non-harmful gel (however it is NOT to be ingested)

Are they safe for young children?
We advise using caution when using for very young children and those with sensitive skin. Parents must be responsible for making this decision for their children. Covering the packs with a small kitchen towel may help with the temperature.

Are these ice-packs re-useable
Yes, all ice-paks are re-useable ice-packs.

How to heat your Gelpax Ice pack:
- Distribute gel evenly.
- Place gel pack in microwave for 10-30 seconds (less time for smaller packs).
- Remove from microwave.
- Knead the gel from side to side to evenly distribute the heat.
- Return to microwave for 10 sec intervals to reach desired temperature.
- Please use Caution! Gel can get extremely HOT! HOT!
- Microwave times may vary.

Heating in Hot Water:
- Bring 1-2 litres of water to a boil. Remove from heat.
- Immerse Gel pack into hot water for 1-2 minutes until desired temperature is reached.
- Please use Caution! Gel can get extremely HOT
Large Reusable Gel Ice/Hot Packs (2 pack)