FAQ about our Backpack Coolers

What's the difference between all these backpack coolers?
All of these backpack coolers are quite similar. They have comfy backpack straps and can be used for everyday or special occasions. Some backpacks come with 2 compartments others have a main compartment of insulation with some pockets for your extras. We have listed below the difference between all the backpack coolers. Just click on the link to go to that item.

Largest cooler section in the 2 compartment backpacks:
The Everyday Backpack Cooler has the largest cooler section, with an insulated compartment that holds approx 14-16 soda cans.

The Primo Backpack holds about 9 soda cans in the cooler compartment.

All backpack cooler (main insulated section with pockets for storage):
These bags have ONE main insulated compartment. There are 3 available - the backpack cooler - this holds about 12-16 cans (there are 2 insulated sections in this cooler, the small top section and the spacious main compartment). There is also this neat bag, the tutto backpack cooler holds about 24 soda cans. One more, the - Backpack Drink Cooler holds about 20-24 cans.

All come with multiple pockets for your extras.

Largest storage (mesh top part) section:
These bags have the largest storage sections: The Primo Backpack and the Everyday. Ideal if you are looking for more storage space.

Best for the beach:
Really, all these coolers are excellent for the beach. All these sturdy bags are designed for the beach, camping, hiking or just days out with family and friends. It just depends which style you like the best.

FAQ about our Backpack Coolers

Our soft sided ice chests coolers are ideal for every day life. Travel, lunch, hiking, farmer's market, shopping, going on vacation - you name it, perfect insulated bags for every occasion! Check out our tips for packing and keep your foods and/or drinks cool for hours!