Lead Free Coolers

Due to enquires from our customers, we have added this section in regards to lead content in coolers.

Please note that 98% of coolers distributed by Keep Your Cooler have been tested by the manufacturers for lead content and have passed the standard acceptable level. All cooler interiors have been tested.

The coolers that have been tested by the manufacturer are confirmed that the tested products meet standards for lead content that have been accepted by California courts as meeting Proposition 65 "safe harbor" requirements.

"Kid-friendly" coolers have been tested for the safety of children under 12. Coolers will have the "kid-friendly" sign under the description if this is the case.

Always check for more information on each of the product pages on lead content. Once you find your favorite cooler, click the item and on that information page under the FAQ tab you will find the statements regarding if the item has been tested and passed the lead test.

If there are no notes on that page, then the cooler has NOT been tested for lead.

Again, please CHECK the FAQ tab for information as to if the coolers have been tested and for more information on each item.

Lead Free Coolers

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