Rolling Coolers on Wheels

Our rolling coolers on wheels are the most versatile and convenient ways to picnic or go to the beach, to travel and so much more.

The biggest and best is our T-Rex rolling cooler , the largest available which is a favorite with our customers. This item was recently reviewed as the "coolest cooler" by Cooks Illustrated Magazine - see the review here!

Busy parents love this cooler, easy to pack for the whole family with your favorite food or beverages and take to the home games.

The 50 Can Collapsible Rolling Cooler is favored by the racing crowd due to it's convenient size. Auto racing aficionados love bringing these coolers with them on a day out, which can easily collapse (when empty) for easy storage.

These rolling bags are also ideal for travel (fits most carry on guidelines to bring aboard airlines). Or to transport food. The wheels have the ultimate portability, very easy to roll.

The rolling wine cooler on wheels holds six bottles of wine or remove the divider and use the full compartment for your other foods and beverages.

From our selection, hopefully you will find one that meets all your requirements!

Click here for tips on the best way to pack your ice chests and coolers

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