T-Rex Large Rolling Collapsible Cooler Review

We love our new insulated rolling cooler and after testing gave it some great reviews.

A couple of months after the T-Rex release, Cook's Illustrated Magazine reviewed it for their magazine.

So you ask, "what's all the fuss?" - see below for excerpts directly from the magazine:

"the most effective feature we came across was a layer of plastic lining on the interior of the T-Rex...which created an insulating air pocket between the cooler's interior and the foam. That explained why this was the only model to not only keep the soda's cool but to actually chill them to an optimal 40 degrees..."

"...What's more, the T-rex had a small hatch sewn into it's zip top that allowed us to grab a soda without opening the entire box, thereby keeping the release of cool air to a minimum."

"Storage-wise, the T-Rex...had the largest capacities but it was their flexible fabric walls that gave them, as well as the smaller collapsible model (the Large 48-52 can - fyi)...a real advantage. Not only did these coolers fold down like a duffel bag, but their sides were flexible enough for even the smaller tote to house multiple bags of groceries..."

"... by the end of testing, we decided that the California T-Rex was a cooler we'd be happy to take anywhere. It's large fabric-covered frame was lightweight and durable, and its interior plastic lining added an extra layer of insulation..."

"... while all of the coolers maintained the sodas' stating temperatures equally well, the T-rex was particularly effective at chilling, thanks to its unique three-layer insulation..."

And there's more! The T-rex was one of the items featured on The Today Show - 8/10/2011. Chris Kimball who brought the items on to the show said about the T-rex: "...the best thing I've ever brought on your show..."

EVEN more... Chris Kimball voted the T-rex as one of the Christopher Kimballís Mostly Practical 2011 Holiday Gift List (America's Test Kitchen Founder and Editor.) As stated:

"...this is by far the best cooler ever made. It has rolling wheels, a collapsible handle, and double-wall insulation with a removable inner liner, and it does a fabulous job keeping stuff cool since it is air insulated. It is also light and collapses for easy storage. (And it has a peek-a-boo flap on top for quick access.) I love it and use it all the time..."

"... thanks to an ultra-insulating layer of plastic lining, this was the only nonelectric model to not only keep the sodas cool, but also chill them to 40 degrees..."

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"...cooled sodas to 42 degrees. It also scored big for portability (a padded shoulder strap), space efficiency (stretchy fabric), and ruggedness..."

T-Rex Large Rolling Collapsible Cooler Review

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