Tips on Packing your Cooler Bags

Here are some ideas on the best way to pack your insulted cooler bags.

If you are going on a long trip, it's best to bring one cooler for your beverages/drinks and a separate cooler for food. The reason: beverage coolers are opened frequently allowing cold air to escape.

Coolers with food will stay colder longer because it will be opened less frequently.

Depending on the length of your trip/day out, a separate cooler with extra ice packs will help you to replenish ice in food and beverage coolers.

Some tips:

Wash all perishable foods, such as fruits vegetables before you leave home.

Pack all foods in air tight bags or sealed plastic containers - this helps prevent cross contamination.

Ice packs are ideal for keeping your food and drinks cold. They are available in many different sizes and styles. Reusable Gel Ice/Hot Packs are available in our store.

For the larger coolers, such as the on wheels, or larger collapsible coolers the larger ice packs are recommended since they have more gel and will stay frozen longer.

For the smaller coolers such as the lunch or smaller totes, the medium/small are ideal.

For the soft sided coolers, we advise that you DO NOT put loose ice in these bag. The reason for this is that the sharp edges of the ice can rip the soft lining and ice melts faster and makes the cooler heavy and misshapen. In order to prolong usage of your cooler, it must be taken care of. Ice packs will work extremely well if used properly - see out FAQ page on ice packs - Click here - FAQ on Ice Packs

Beverage cooler tips: Pre-chill your beverages before placing them in the cooler. Pre-cooling preserves ice, so you will need less ice to cool drinks down. Since cold air travels down, place beverages in the cooler first and ice last. If possible, try to keep your cooler out of the sun and out of a hot car. Try finding a shaded area to "keep your cooler" :).

Food cooler tips: To keep food cold for long weekend getaways, several ice packs are best. Or you can use a block of ice. This will keep your food colder for a longer period of time. Always place ice blocks on the bottom of the cooler (since they are heavier and bigger than ice packs). We advise putting this ice block in a plastic bag or container since again loose ice is not recommended for the soft sided coolers.

Personally we prefer the ice packs - the ice blocks are heavy and really should only be used in the rolling coolers.

Always pack perishable foods directly from the refrigerator into the cooler. Keep foods dry and safe from cross contamination by placing in air tight bags or sealed plastic containers. Again, we suggest using several ice-packs. Also, to fill up the spaces, put a couple of small water bottles in your freezer the night before. Place frozen bottles in the gaps. Immediate ice packs PLUS extra water when you get thirsty!

Keeping hot foods warm. Ice chests coolers can be used for cooling AND keeping foods warm. We have found the best way to keep foods warm is to use hot packs - which can be found under our Reusable Ice/Hot Packs section.

Once the food is warm/hot, wrap up your items in foil. Place the hot pack under and around your foods and then wrap with a kitchen towel then carefully place in the cooler. Try filling up spaces with kitchen towels - this is important as not allowing for empty space will help keep foods hot. Also, putting extra towels will prevent your items from moving thus avoiding spills.

Cooler are great for days out, for traveling, lunches, tailgating and so much more.

Other stuff you may know but we like to remind.

- A cooler is not meant to re-chill foods.

Only food that has remained at safe temperatures should be placed back into the cooler. To be safe, throw out any food you are unsure of.

- A full cooler will maintain safer temperatures longer than a half empty cooler.

- Thaw items in the refrigerator or cooler, never thaw meat/fish at room temperature or in the sun.

- Keep perishable foods in cooler until just before serving.

- NEVER put your cooler in the freezer - this will crack the insulation and destroy your cooler.

Tips on Cleaning Your Cooler

Wash interior of cooler with warm soapy water. To sanitize cooler, we suggest spraying the inside with an equal mix of water and white vinegar. Leave lid on cooler OPEN to air dry. This is important - if you close your cooler whilst damp, there will be an odor. Some coolers come with removable liner. Remove liner and wash with warm soapy water. Please do not use bleach or anything other than the vinegar/water solution - we have found that repeated use of bleach and similar will destroy some insulation material.

Please DO NOT put your bags in the dishwasher - this will ruin the bag.

ATTENTION: All coolers have been tested for insulation of food and drinks only. We do not test these coolers for medical purposes, such as carrying medicine or other items. Please contact your medical professional to request information as to how to keep your medicine (or other) at the proper temperature.

Have fun with your cooler and please feel free to email us with any questions!

Tips on Packing your Cooler Bags

Our soft sided ice chests coolers are ideal for every day life. Travel, lunch, hiking, farmer's market, shopping, going on vacation - you name it, perfect insulated bags for every occasion! Check out our tips for packing and keep your foods and/or drinks cool for hours!